Ingrid Hoffmann T-Fal Pressure Cooker Giveaway

As a mama who loves to cook, this giveaway is simply too awesome to resist!  Pop on over to Weelicious this afternoon where she along with T-fal will be giving away 3 (count them...1,2,3) brand new Ingrid Hoffmann’s Simply Delicioso 4.2qt Stovetop T-fal Stainless Pressure Cookers!  I would absolutely love one of these, I was actually just talking to my Husband the other night about how awesome they are.  He was asking me why I didn't already have one, I didn't have an answer for him.  I have every other kitchen gadget, I don't know why a pressure cooker isn't one of them.  Visit the full post at Weelicious for details on how to enter.


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